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Master Dog Trainer, Paul Upton Sr., has been dealing with problem dog behavior for over 35 years. In fact, some consider Paul to be the "dog whisperer"   


He has developed a proven training program over the years of training dogs unlike any other training program. You will learn the fun & easy basic fundamentals of training your dog.  


This training program is non-breed specific and is open to any breed. The problem with other training programs is often times the trainer is as inexperienced as the dog owner, therefore confuses the dog, is inefficient and is a waste of your time and money. 



Upton's K9 Indianapolis Dog Training, Dog Boarding 
& German Shepherds for Sale
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Professional Dog Training



At Upton's Indianapolis Dog Training, Dog Boarding & German Shepherds facility,

all training is done by our own professional staff under the direct supervision of Master Trainer, Paul Upton. Many times Paul operates the group classes himself!



We take dog training seriously. It is not a part-time or hobby business to us. We have helped thousands of dogs and dog owners over the years. Our mission is;  to train you and train your dog to become a valued and treasured member of your household, this will reward you and your dog with many years of great friendship and good dog citizenship.  



This is what your dog wants too, no dog wants to be a bad dog. In fact, Upton's believes there is no such thing as a bad dog. But rather a dog who needs proper training to become a friend for life! 


Get Results - FAST!

We offer many options for our dog training programs. 

Group Classes

Semi Private/Private Classes

Private Protection Classes - $1500

Upton's Training Options



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