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Master Dog Trainer, Paul Upton Sr., has been dealing with problem dog behavior for over 35 years. In fact, some consider Paul to be the "dog whisperer"  



He has developed a proven training program over the years of training dogs unlike any other training program. You will learn the fun & easy basic fundamentals of training your dog.  



This training program is non-breed specific and is open to any breed. The problem with other training programs is often times the trainer is as inexperienced as the dog owner, therefore confuses the dog, is inefficient and is a waste of your time and money. 




All-Breed Professional Dog Boarding

Upton's K9 Indianapolis Dog Training, Dog Boarding 
& German Shepherds for Sale
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Are you tired of asking family members or neighbors to watch your dog while you travel? Do you worry if they are really taking care of your favorite pet while you are gone?  Then you'll love the safety of Upton's Indianapolis Dog Boarding; easy, reliable, worry-free, professional dog boarding for any breed



We are open 6 days a week. So no more hassle of picking up or dropping off your dog only on certain days!








Ps. Call today to reserve your puppy. Free Consultations with Master Trainer, Paul Upton by appointment